Mapping the 211 HSIS to the Social Determinants of Health

At 211 Alberta, we believe in the power of data to drive impactful change in our communities. We are excited to present a valuable resource that bridges the gap between the comprehensive 211 Human Services Indexing System (211 HSIS) and the social determinants of health.

211 Human Services Indexing System

The 211 HSIS is a taxonomy, or a classification system, that organizes community resources into categories. It is a way of organizing resources in a systematic manner in the 211 database, so that those resources can easily be retrieved and analyzed. All resources listed in the 211 Alberta database are indexed using the 211 HSIS, which means they are labeled with a term like “Food Banks” or “Temporary Financial Assistance” to make them easily searchable.

Social Determinants of Health

What are the social determinants of health? These are the conditions in which are born, grow, live, work and age that affect their health. These include factors such as income, housing, nutrition, a safe environment, access to transportation, social and community connection, and more.

Why Mapping the 211 HSIS to the Social Determinants Matters

Understanding the availability of resources in our communities that support the social determinants of health is essential for creating targeted interventions and policies that address the root causes of health disparities. By mapping the extensive 211 database indexing sysetm of the 211 HSIS to these determinants, we provide a powerful tool for community organizations, stakeholders, and policymakers to leverage in their resource data projects.

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Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do at 211 Alberta. We invite you to partner with us in leveraging 211 database and social determinants mapping to drive positive change in our communities. Together, we can help build a healthier future for all Albertans.

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