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Delivers hospital-level care in the home through virtual technologies and in-person visits, in partnership with community providers, for eligible patients and health conditions.

About Virtual Home Hospital

Some Albertans can receive hospital-level care from the comfort of their own home through an Alberta Health Services (AHS) Virtual Home Hospital. Virtual Home Hospitals allow eligible patients the opportunity to leave the hospital early and may even avoid admission to a physical hospital.

Patient care is provided by a Virtual Home Hospital care team (e.g., physicians, nurses, pharmacists) through virtual care technologies (e.g., video calls and remote patient monitoring) and in-person facility visits, if needed. The care team also works closely with community providers (e.g., community paramedics and Home Care) to deliver hands-on care in the patient's home, or other location they choose to receive care.

Virtual Home Hospitals have been successfully providing care to Albertans in Calgary and Edmonton since 2018, with patients reporting high levels of satisfaction with their care. As we expand into other parts of Alberta, more Albertans will have access to a Virtual Home Hospital.

Care provided

Virtual Home Hospital patients will have a healthcare team supporting them throughout their care. The team will include the healthcare professionals they need, including a patient's family doctor or nurse practitioner, if needed. If the patient has family or a caregiver supporting them at home, they will be supported as they help the Virtual Home Hospital care team care for them.

While in the care of a Virtual Home Hospital, specific treatment plans will be unique to a patient's healthcare needs. They will receive:

  • Regular check-in visits, either by phone, videoconference or in person at the Virtual Home Hospital site, if required. Care will be provided in their home by community partners (e.g., community paramedics and Home Care providers) when required and with patient consent.
  • Medication management, including intravenous (IV) fluids if needed.
  • Education to help patients understand and manage their medical condition and treatment plan.
  • Any other care necessary, based on their treatment plan.

Patients may also require lab work, medical tests and procedures as part of their care, and may also be connected with other healthcare providers and specialists as necessary. Some patients may require more in-person home or facility visits, while others can have most of their care monitored virtually.

Benefits of Virtual Home Hospital care

Receiving care through a Virtual Home Hospital can promote independence, mobility and improved outcomes overall. It can also lower a patient's risk of some complication that may be more likely to occur in a hospital facility. Patients who have received care through the Virtual Home Hospital have reported high levels of satisfaction with their care.


Physician referral is required. Patients will be thoroughly assessed to ensure their health condition can be safely managed from home and that they have the necessary supports in place.

Virtual Home Hospital care is optional. If a patient prefers to continue receiving their care at an appropriate AHS facility, they can do so.

Key Provider: doctors, nurse practitioners (NPs), pharmacists, paramedics, registered nurses (RNs)
Yes, There are specific criteria that you must meet before being referred to the program. You must also:
  • be at least 18 years old and able to consent to being treated at home
  • be able to communicate by phone or computer (language interpretation / translation are available) and are open to using technology
  • be engaged and willing to participate in your care
  • be functionally able to be in your home or other safe location where you choose to receive care (e.g., home is set-up to accommodate you)
  • if necessary, have adequate support in place at home, such as having a caregiver
  • live within the area serviced by the Virtual Home Hospital. Please consult with your healthcare provider
Application Process
Service Access: Internet Based Service, Healthcare providers should consult the Alberta Referral Directory for service referral information.
Referral Process: No

Waiting Period: Yes,

An estimated wait time will be provided at the time of appointment booking.

403-943-3344 ext. 1
Interpreter/Translation services
Fee: No

Fee Reduction: No

Membership Fee: N/A
Wheelchair access: N/A -
Other disabled access: N/A -
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