Preventative Education and Awareness Program

Rowan House Society

Offers age-appropriate Healthy Relationship and Domestic Abuse Education for schools, individuals, and the community.

Service offers:

  • school programming - age-appropriate school presentations on healthy relationships (in-person or virtually)
  • community education and awareness
  • 6-week Healthy Relationship groups for any woman struggling in a relationship and looking for information / support; topics include Healthy Relationships, Domestic Abuse and the Cycle of Abuse, Effects of Abuse and Coping Skills, Effects of Abuse on Children, Self-Esteem and Healthy Boundaries, Safety Planning, and Community Resources

School programming topics include:

  • Grade 2 - Kindness; Friendship; What Is A Bully?
  • Grade 5 - Standing Up To Bullying; Kindness; Friendship
  • Grade 8 - Healthy Relationships; Empathy
  • Grade 11 - Healthy Relationships and Dating Abuse; Are You Ready to Be in a Relationship?

Community education and awareness includes:

  • Create Change online course - move from general awareness to empathetic understanding in this free, self-guided online course for the public; includes 3 modules (Healthy Relationships, What is Domestic Abuse?, and The Effects of Abuse on Children)
  • in-person or virtually facilitated presentations / trainings for agencies, businesses, and community groups on healthy relationships, domestic abuse, and the services available to support those experiencing abuse
  • The Journeys to Hope & Healing Podcast - features interviews with a wide range of staff and professional guests discussing different topics related to domestic abuse; new episode is released each month and can be found on most audio streaming services
  • Annual Breakfast with the Guys Keynote Speaker event - engaging the community, particularly men and boys, to take a stand and help prevent violence against women
  • Family Violence Prevention Month Activities (November)

Key Provider: preventative education facilitators
Application Process
Service Access: See below, To access service:
  • e-mail to book a school or community presentation
  • visit website to self-register for the Create Change online course or for more information

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April 11, 2022
Hours of Operation
08:00 AM to 04:00 PM
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Program hours vary.