STAND Against Sexual Assault Association

Yoga for Survivors and Supporters

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Offers an online yoga class.

Service provides:

  • yoga sessions once a month for survivors and supporters

  • a safe space for survivors and supporters to continue on a path towards healing and reduce chronic tension

Affiliation: Partnered with Amber Flowers.Key Provider: yoga instructors
Yes, Service targeted to:
  • those who identify as women
  • who have experienced sexual violence
  • or who are supporters of the cause
Application Process
Service Access: Registration Required, To access service:
  • register online
  • contact for more information
Classes are held online during COVID-19. 
Referral Process: No

Waiting Period: No,
Web Site
Fee: No
Fee Reduction: No
Membership Fee: No
Wheelchair access: Yes - Other disabled access: N/A -
Legal Status
Registered Not-For-Profit
Last Updated On
January 19, 2021