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EMS MIH provides responsive urgent mobile healthcare by facilitating in community assessment, treatment and diagnostics in collaboration with the patients care providers.

This service aims to provide integrated healthcare for acutely ill patients by providing services in the patients home that would be otherwise delivered in a hospital or outpatient clinic within 3 hours of receiving a referral.

Response time is confirmed upon receipt of referral based upon patient acuity or when service is requested.

  • available services provided by community paramedics include:In-depth physical assessment with virtual consult capability
  • parenteral infusion and medication administration
  • laceration repair and suture/staple removal
  • point of care testing and diagnostics
  • in home blood transfusions (RBC/Platelets/Albumin)
  • STAT specimen collection

Upon receipt of referral a community paramedic will be dispatched to the patients dwelling where they will conduct a comprehensive assessment and develop a customized care plan after consultation with the patient's most responsible healthcare prescriber.

A detailed record of the patient encounter will be sent to the patients' healthcare team.

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Key Provider: advanced care paramedics (ACPs)
Yes, MIH supports patients experiencing complex or urgent medical conditions that experience difficulty in accessing adequate medical care. These patients include:
  • Medically fragile individuals requiring specialized treatments
  • Frail elderly
  • Developmental disabilities that have limited mobility and social support Poorly managed health concerns because of the difficulties associated with homelessness, mental health issues and addiction.
  • Recently discharged from acute care at-risk for re-admission.
  • Complex with unplanned healthcare needs.
Application Process
Service Access: Professional Referral Required, Referrals for patients requiring management of chronic (long term) medical conditions may be reviewed on a case by case basis by the program’s Medical Director. Healthcare providers should consult the Alberta Referral Directory for service referral information.
Referral Process: No

Waiting Period: No,
Toll Free
1-833-367-2788 (Healthcare professionals only in North of Red Deer)
780-735-0421 (Healthcare professionals only in North of Red Deer)
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