Government of Alberta

Ministry of Service Alberta - Photo Identification Card

Offers picture identification cards.

Service offers:

  • picture identification cards to Alberta residents who do not or cannot hold a valid Alberta operator's licence

Identification cards are:

  • to be used only for identification purposes and not to operate a motor vehicle
  • valid for 5 years from the time of issue
Key Provider: registry agents
Yes, Service targeted to:
  • 12 years and older
  • who are Alberta residents
  • or full-time international students
Application Process
Service Access: Application Required, To access service:
  • contact an Alberta Registry Agent (find a registry agent online)
  • application must be accompanied by acceptable identification to verify your identity and documents to prove Alberta residency
Individuals 18 years and younger must have parent / guardian consent.Visit website for more information.Referral Process: No

Waiting Period: No,
Toll Free
310-0000 then 780-427-7013 (Alberta Registries)
Web Site
Fee: Yes,

Fee of $40.00 for a 5 year card, plus a maximum service charge of $9.00.

Fee Reduction: No
Membership Fee: No
Wheelchair access: Yes - Other disabled access: N/A -
Legal Status
Provincial Government
Last Updated On
May 3, 2017