Public Education

True North Society

Offers free public education and workshops aimed to increase awareness and reduce tolerance of violence and abuse in the community.

Service offers:

  • partnerships with other service organizations to address needs in the area of family violence education
  • education programming allows us to share reliable information, ask questions, explore "taboo" subjects, and acquire safety tools
  • programming is available all year round, at no cost and offered on a flexible schedule
  • programs take approximately 40-65 minutes
  • public educators are available to schools, clubs, community groups, welfare agencies and faith communities
  • provide age-appropriate workshops and presentations on the issue of family abuse and domestic violence
  • workshops for service providers, agencies businesses, community service groups, and more
  • in-class presentation for children 4 to 18 years, including topics such as healthy relationships, empathy, self-esteem, ways to solve conflict, bullying, and dating violence

Adult workshops for service providers, healthcare professionals, and more include:

  • How to Solve Conflicts
  • abuse
  • Anger Management for Children
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Inclusive Shelter Practices
  • Safety Planning
  • Trauma Informed Responses
Application Process
Service Access: Registration Required, To access service:
  • call and ask for the public educator to book a presentation

Referral Process: No

Waiting Period: Yes,

Presentations and workshops must be booked in advance.

Toll Free
403-934-6634 ext. 107 (Public Education Program)
Web Site
Fee: No

Fee Reduction: No

Membership Fee: No

Wheelchair access: Yes - Main floor only
Other disabled access: No -
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November 8, 2023
Hours of Operation

Program hours vary. Presentations available in the evening or on weekends.