Having your wallet or purse lost or stolen can be frustrating and inconvenient. Act quickly!

  1. Report the loss to the police or RCMP in your area.
  2. Call your bank and credit card companies to alert them that your cards are missing. They can freeze your accounts and issue replacement cards.


Lost or stolen passports must be reported to Passport Canada and local police. An investigation into how and why your passport was lost must be done before it is replaced.

A replacement passport may be authorized, provided strict requirements are met:

  • A completed application form signed by your guarantor.
  • Two identical passport photos.
  • The appropriate fee.
  • Documentation proving Canadian citizenship (citizenship card and birth certificate)
  • A completed declaration form providing information on the lost or stolen passport, if the passport is still valid.


You may apply for a replacement license at any registry office. Bring at least one piece of government-issued photo identification and a birth or marriage certificate to provide proof of your identity.

If you cannot present the required identification to have a driver’s license or ID card issued to you, you may also bring documents that show your current address and support your identity, such as bills or tax returns.


If your SIN card or confirmation-of-SIN letter is lost or stolen, you can find your SIN

on your income tax return. You can also request a letter of confirmation of your SIN. To make this request, bring required documentation for proof of identity and visit the nearest Service Canada location. Service Canada will not issue a new SIN, except in situations where there is proof of the SIN being used fraudulently.


Your local registry office can also issue new birth certificates and health care cards.