Financial concerns are consistently a top issue we hear about at 211

When someone contacts 211 who is dealing with stress related to finances, we are most likely to refer them to government resources, including:

These types of benefits help meet the basic needs of Albertans when they fall on hard times, especially when something as devastating as a pandemic occurs.


There are also resources available to help with money management from monthly budgets to building financial literacy

Being able to manage your own money also empowers you to improve your quality of life and gives you the confidence and education required to meet your financial goals.

This is especially important as we head into the holiday season and temporary COVID benefits may be coming to an end.


A couple services we refer Albertans to:


Money Mentors
The Alberta-based, non-profit credit counselling agency helps Albertans get out of debt, manage their money and plan for retirement.

They offer many programs, including:

    • Debt Help
      Guidance on debt consolidation, credit counselling and money coaching
    • Financial Education
      Sessions on budgeting to retirement to fraud detection
    • School Programs
      Financial literacy presentations for K-12 students


An organization serving Albertans in need of financial education and management assistance.

They offer programs on:


If you’re looking to better manage your money or increase your financial literacy, there are services that can help.

Contact 211, 24/7 by phone, chat and text to see what’s available in your area.