To stretch your budget for buying clothing and household goods, here are some tips:

Before you go shopping:

  • Compare prices and see if a similar item is on sale elsewhere.
  • Before buying at full price, see if the item you want can be borrowed, bought from a friend, or bought used.
  • Check out garage sales and thrift shops.

While you shop:

  • If there is an item that you like that is not on your list, leave it. Continue shopping.
  • Consider if you really need it. If you still want it at the end of your shopping trip, you can return to it.
  • Purchase items only to replace unusable ones.
  • Consider if the item will eventually go on sale or if there is a coupon for it.
  • Only buy sale items if you need them.
  • Buy a lot of sale items that you need all the time like laundry soap, toilet paper, socks, etc.
  • Always check to see if your receipt is correct.

Overall, consider your financial big picture and set realistic spending goals. Instead of totally cutting back on all spending, set a saving goal within a reasonable time. Schedule a reward within your budget once you reach your goal.